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Kang The Conqueror (2021) #5

Written by: Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing

Art by: Carlos Magno

I dreamed of a conquest. I failed and fell back into time…

Wow! This is a masterpiece. The prose is so beautiful and elegant, the art is magnificent and the story is hauntingly special. This issue brings everything full circle. We get to see the other side of issue number one, which I felt was always going to be the endgame but I was surprised by how well it turned out. 

In this issue, Kang, after creating Chronopolis, uses Ravonna DNA to make a bunch of Ravonna’s and sends them throughout time, becoming the Ravonna’s that Kang and us the reader have interacted with throughout the first four issues. This was a neat tidy way of wrapping up this story and sheds more light on Ravonna saying in issue number four, that she had no recollection of parents, just a crater she landed in. Kang discovers throughout this task that he can never win her over, that Ravonna will only love Nathaniel. 

This brings us back to the beginning. Kang arrives at a young Nathaniel. We then start to see everything again but this time from our older Kang’s point of view. He thought he had been in control of what he could do, he thought he could change things but he became resigned to the fact that everything played out the same way. He begins to drink, which was a common habit of the older Kang from the first issue as well. He still kills the villagers like he does in the first issue but this time we see that one of them was Ravonna, he had ruined his last chance to save her. He drinks some more. 

That night is the night when Nathaniel leaves, thinking he left Kang without his armor, but Kang was ready. He had a spare and he does leave just in time before the asteroid hits and wipes out the dinosaurs and he restates his new mantra, never love.

This has become one of my favorite Marvel mini-series ever, and they need more of these for sure. If there is one thing DC has a leg up on its self contained stories like these. But this one just hit all the right notes for me and left me wanting more, and thankfully Timeless #1 exists. I have read it before this but if it truly is a continuation of this Kang I will be giving it a quick re-read! 

Overall, 5/5 stars for the concluding chapter of Kang The Conqueror (2021).

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